Day 2 – Arusha

After a so-so night sleep (my internal clock still thought it was mid afternoon), we woke up early and had a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit – mango, papaya, etc – crepe pancakes, breads, grilled veggies and more. Alix and I ate out on the balcony – Dad joined us a bit later. Then a relaxing few hours walking around the grounds and sitting outside reading. More food – lunch.




Then we got a guided tour around Arusha. Imagine a city of a million people driving cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians all on narrow 2 lane roads and not a single traffic light or even stop sign. Most roads didn’t even have lane markings. Not that it would have mattered. People seemed to drive wherever and however they wanted. Seemed like a miracle no one got hit.
Think Boston without traffic lights.


Not a very pretty city. Most people are poor by our standards but better off than many other African nations. Lots of small shops. There's a lot of different people's living here. Christians, Muslims, traditional tribes and all seem to get along.




Now we nap for a bit, then dinner and an early bedtime.
Tomorrow the safari


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