Day 4 – Central Serengeti

Today’s blog is brought to you by elephants.

Several people asked me how close we got to the animals. The better question is how close did they come to us. We have to drive on the “roads” (more about them later), but the animals of course know nothing of roads and can go wherever they want. For instance yesterday’s elephant was a lone male so our driver stayed a safe distance away in case he got aggressive, which he didn’t. Today’s herd of elephant came a little closer. We were probably within 30 feet. The baboons and monkeys were just a few feet away. Some animals such as some gazelles and warthogs run away when the hear the car, others don’t seem to care.
I have a long telephoto zoom, 70-300 with a 1.4x extender occasionally (if there was enough light) so I don’t have to get too close. Of course we’re in a Land Cruiser and are not allowed to leave it except in designated areas.

Ok. Back to the blog and photos. The day started out great meeting a herd of elephant with various aged young.



Then impala

And giraffes “necking” which is not affection but fighting.


We visited hippo pools. Man they are big. A bite from a hippo can cut an animal in thirds. Don’t worry Mom, we weren’t anywhere near them.



Then we spent quite a while driving miles and miles through the endless plains of the Serengeti looking for lions and other predators but did not find any.

The roads are dirt paths, some smooth but most were quite bumpy giving the feeling of riding s bucking bronco all day. But were completely safe, the only danger was getting stuck in the mud. Another Land Cruiser did and had to be pulled out. But our guide easily navigated the the muddy areas.

Then a large group of baboons. Warning may be x-rated.




Velvet monkeys with little babies.



A lone jackel


And finally Zebras.


Tomorrow we pack up, and drive to a different area in the Serengeti where we expect to find wildebeest herds,more zebras and of course lion prides.

Now for dinner then bed.


4 thoughts on “Day 4 – Central Serengeti

  1. Diane,

    Fantastic photography! It sounds like you are having a great time–we can’t wait to see your updates every day!!
    So far my favorite shot is the baby elephant with it’s trunk up…how do you get all of the animals to pose so exquisitely?
    We hope you continue having such a blast & pray you’re not too badly bounced around!
    N & L
    P, M, I, et al

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