Day 6 – Southern Serengeti

Today’s blog is brought to you by cheetah.


Today involved a lot of driving on very rough roads and paths. Not a lot of animals but what we did see was spectacular. We saw 2 cheetah brothers. Brothers often pair off for life. Cheetahs and lions. They do mate but stay with their brother cheetah.


Suddenly they sat up. Alert that 100’s meters away was a lion. Lions do kill cheetah. They usually don’t eat them. Lions prefer herbivores not other meat eaters.

So we drove over to the lion. As he sat under a tree. We got within 10-15 feet. Didn’t bother him at all.




We called it an early afternoon and rested.


One thought on “Day 6 – Southern Serengeti

  1. BEAUTIFUL photos! You are very very lucky! I would love to feature some of your photos on my new blog ( Please get in touch if you can, I am building up a community of hidden talent out there and I love this blog already 🙂

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