Day 9 – Lake Manyara and Tarangire

Today’s blog is brought to you by Baboons.

First woke up to a gorgeous sunrise. View from our balcony20130114-203610.jpg

We headed out for a long drive to Lake Manyara. But to our pleasant surprise, the road was paved. Never enjoyed a paved road so much.

At Lake Manyara we encountered hundreds of baboons and monkeys (vervet monkeys and blue monkeys). With super cute babies. Here’s a mother telling her infant not to run away. Tail comes in handy. 20130114-203924.jpg
He finally broke free 20130114-204057.jpg

Happy baboons being groomed. 20130114-204300.jpg

Young ones playing. 20130114-204352.jpg

Horseback riding. 20130114-204932.jpg

Mating. Took about 5 seconds. 20130114-205003.jpg

Female baboons have a pink butt when they are in estrus to tell the male. Male baboons have a black butt.

Vervet monkeys.

Then another drive on paved roads to Tarangire. Tarangire is another national park and is home to the largest concentration of elephants.
Momma and baby.


The lodge is literally in the middle of nowhere but is stunning.




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