Day 11 – Tarangire and Arusha – going home

Today’s blog is brought to you by Impala and other antelope


Impala and some other antelope travel in harems controlled by one lone male and dozens, sometimes even a hundred or more females. The females all become fertile around the same time, so the one male has to mate with all of them. Happy but exhausted impala. There is always a bachelor herd nearby. When the dominant male is tired from all that mating, it’s a perfect time for one of the other males from the nearby herd to assert dominance.

Throughout the trip we also say Thomson's gazelles, Grant gazelles, waterbuck, hartebeest, dik-dik and several others. The dik-dik are small antelope who mate for life and travel in pairs.
I have a picture of them somewhere but I can't find it now.
Did you know Wildebeest are also in the antelope family as are the Cape buffalo.

More elephants. Scratching his rear on the tree.


Bat eared fox


We finished off the part drive with another lion sighting. They’re far off though. 20130116-161955.jpg<;;a

As we were leaving, though,more monkeys, more monkey babies.
Male vervet monkeys have blue testicles. I could make a comment, but I will leave that to y'all.




Then we drove about 2 hours to Arusha on mostly good roads. Went to do some shopping. I bought an African drum. Always wanted one. Figured I should get it in Africa. Should be interesting getting it home.

Now I’ve showered and we’re relaxing in a hotel, then heading for the airport to go on the very long trip home. It’s been a great trip and fun sharing it with my friends. But I am looking forward to getting home.

A note to all my fiends. I did not buy a lot of souvenirs. So tell me what animal you like best, and I will print you out a photo of your choice in size.

See you in a few days



One thought on “Day 11 – Tarangire and Arusha – going home

  1. Loved reading your blog and following along on your trip!! Sounds like you were enjoying yourself and also seeing allot of animals- I am looking forwrad to heraingf rom you upon your return!! Asante Sana for selecting ADS and allowing me to be a part of your experience. All teh best, Mama Simba – Sharon Lyon

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